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As written in Article II of UNATT's constitution, one of our Aims and Objectives is "To encourage the people of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and the International community to participate in and further the work of the United Nations".

Per Article IV -"Subscriptions":

  1. Every application for membership shall be made on the prescribed form. You can also apply online

  2. The Annual Subscription shall be as follows:

    1. Individual: $200.00 TTD per Annum
    2. Corporate Member: $2,000.00 TTD per Annum
    3. CBO: $250 TTD per Annum
    4. Student Member: $200.00 TTD per Annum

  3. The applicable subscription shall be paid by a newly accepted member within one month after notification that the application has been approved and thereafter subscriptions shall be payable during the first month of the financial year.

  4. The National Executive Committee shall have the power to vary fees payable from time to time