Article I - Name

The name of the Association shall be the United Nations Association of Trinidad and Tobago

Article II - Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Association are as follows:

  1. To encourage the people of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and te international community to particpate in and further the work of the United Nations
  2. To spread knowledge of and support for the the activities of the United Nations Organizations and its agencies
  3. To organize and assist in the execution of projects for:
    1. The promotion of understanding , solidarity and cooperation among men, women and children in Trinidad and Tobago, thhe Caribbean and throughout the world without distinction as to race, language, religion or political orientation
    2. The promotion and maintenance of peace
    3. The promotion of respect for Human Rights as provided for in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations including the Rights of Women and the rights of Children
    4. Further Education and enlightenment of the peoples of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean for the improvement of International Understanding and Cooperation
  4. To promote the establishment and oversee the functioning of Branches of the Association throughout Trinidad and Tobago
  5. To promote and assist in the formation of United Nations Associations in the Caribbean Region
  6. To function as a medium of communication between other non-governmental organizations and the United Nations and its specialized agencies
  7. To do such other things as may be deemed necessary to promote the ideals of the United Nations

Article III - Membership & Affiliation | Back to Top

  1. Adult Membership
    Any person of the age of eighteen (18yrs) and upwards who signifies his/her agreement with the aims and objectives of the Association shall be eligible for Membership

  2. Corporate Members
    Any limited liability company or other corporate body that accepts the objects of the Association, shall be eligible for membership, subject to the approval of the National Executive Committee.

  3. NGO (Non Governmental Organization) Membership

  4. Student Membership
    Any person affiliated to the UN Youth Organization or any other person (full-time student) may be admitted as a member of the Association. The National Executive Committee of the Association shall make regulations controlling the admission of student members

Article IV - Subscriptions | Back to Top

  1. Every application for membership shall be made on the prescribed form

  2. The Annual Subscription shall be as follows

    1. Adult Member                $200.00 TTD per Annum
    2. Corporate Member   $2,000.00 TTD per Annum
    3. NGO                                $250.00 TTD per Annum
    4. Student Member             $50.00 TTD per Annum

  3. The applicable subscription shall be paid by a newly accepted member within one month after notification that the application has been approved and thereafter subscriptions shall be payable during the first month of the financial year.

  4. The National Executive Committee shall have the power to vary fees payable from time to time

Article V - Branches | Back to Top

  1. A branch of the Association may be established in any area wherein eight (8) or more members or persons willing to become members come together for that purpose.
  2. Such persons shall forthwith under the supervision of two (2) members of the National Executive Commitee elect a chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer as Officers of the Branch
  3. A Branch shall function through an Executive Committee consisting of the officers and elected members in what ever number deemed fit
  4. A Branch shall have power to make such rules as are considered necessary for the efficient running of the Branch provided that:
    1. All rules must be submitted to the Management Commitee of the Association for approval
    2. No rule or order shall conflict with any of the Articles of the Constitution, or any direction laid down by the General Meeting or any rules or orders made by the Management Committee and in case of conflict the Articles or such directions or rules or orders shall prevail.
  5. The Branch Secretary shall forward the names and addresses of the officers and the size of the membership of the branch to the general Secretary immediately after formation of the Branch and after each Annual General Meeting of the Branch
  6. All branches shall have the right to send representatives to the Annual General Meeting of the Association on the basis of one delegate for every eight 8 members.
  7. Branch representatives shall have the right to participate in poceedings of the Annual General Meetings of the Association and to vote at such meetings.
  8. Branch Secretaries shall submit a Half Yearly Return to the General Secretary showing:
  9. Each branch shall be registered with the National Association within 30 days of its formation and shall pay an Annual fee of 10% of Annual subscriptions collected before each Annual General Meeting of the Association.

Article VI - General Meetings | Back to Top

  1. The annual General Meetings of the Branches shall be held in January or February and that of the National Association in March at which time the prescribed reports of the activities of the preceding year shall be presented and officers elected for the ensuing year.
  2. Special General Meetings shall be summoned by the President unilaterally on the advice of the National Executive Committee and/or upon the written request of not fewer than nine members of the Association who are in up to date financial standing and represent at leaast two (2) Branches
  3. The quorum at all General Meetings shall be one third of the total membeship or ten whichever is greater. The President shall have an origianl and casting vote.
  4. A General Meeting shall have authority to prescribe rules, which shall be binding on officers, the National Executive and the Branches in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the Association and the advancement of of its objectives.
  5. A General Meeting shall have authority to appoint three (3) trustees on the recommendation of the Executive Committee

Article VII - Executive Positions | Back to Top

  1. Officers of the Association shall consist of:
    - President
    - Vice President
    - Immediate Past President
    - General Secretary
    - Assistant Secretary
    - Treasurer
    - Public Relations Officer
  2. The Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association and shall hold office until their successors have been elected
  3. Trustees are appointed to serve as officers of the Association.
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